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Unique knife lanyard and paracord beads and EDC gadgets in Silver, Brass and Copper.



LionArm was founded by the well-known and talented Armenak Tofanyan. The brand name “LionArm” came about with the joining of his and his wife’s name, Liana. Together, they created the world of LionArm.


Armen was born into an Armenian family, where native culture and traditions were highly respected. Creativity and talent ran through his family with a famous marble sculptor, grandfather, and expert in leather, father. Since his early childhood, Armen spent a lot of time in his grandfather's studio, watching the magic of turning a piece of cold marble into a real symphony, happen. Since then, he fell in love with art and never forgot its origin.  At the age of 15, Armen created his first serious piece of art - a small piece of black marble with silver lining fixed to a leather belt. The results were great and the piece was sold right away.


From 1999, he has created hundreds of new designs and pieces. Today, Armen has the opportunity of his dreams, which was to come forth with his own style and production in modern jewelry. His jewelry is a new world, where once you experience one design you are sure to be coming back for more.  

In 2013, LionArm and Slavik Evsevich, owner of, came together to create LionArmory. LionArmory makes handcrafted, unique knife lanyard/paracord beads and other EDC gadgets in silver, brass, and copper; all in the USA. Their new creation has become one of the best and largest in the industry. 

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